Ventrilo Server Status


Nikki Rayne: Member

Nova Dragon: Member

Nuge Apollo: Member

Otto Graf: Member

Ovteen Zigamore: Member

Praetorian Bothrops: Member

Randal Thor: Member

Relentless Fisting: Member

Sarcad Cgt: Member

Shani Wildsoul: Member

Sistwo Cerberus: Member

Taige Halig: Member

Tasty Doorstop: Member

Tic Toc: Member

Vali Razorwind: Member


Absolution is a linkshell born from a linkshell called Guardians Revived.
We created Absolution Linkshell in order to generate focus towards endgame events as and when it releases. Until that time, we are a social, leve, grinding and crafting linkshell.

We are currently recruiting for players that will be regular faces in the group and will be playing FFXIV on an almost daily basis, but not necessarily hardcore players.
Yellow Gremlin Search

Server Status
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