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Welcome to Absolution Linkshell. We are on Bodhum server.

Hopefully you have looked at our website and have a good idea of what Absolution is all about.

If you think this Linkshell is for you, please fill out the application below and the Linkshell founders will process your request. We will get back to you in game, provide you with access to the members area and give you a shiny new linkpearl.

Looking forward to seeing you in-game :)

P.S After hitting "Send Message", a Captcha confirmation window will appear at the bottom of the page. Fill this in and hit "Send Message" to complete the process. Thank You.

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In-game Name:
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Main DoW/DoM Class & Rank:
Main DoH/DoL Class & Rank:
Previous/present Linkshell:
What timezone do you play in?:
How many hours a week do you play?:
Would you be happy to use Ventrilo?:
A little about yourself:
Why you would like to join us:

Absolution is a linkshell born from a linkshell called Guardians Revived.
We created Absolution Linkshell in order to generate focus towards endgame events as and when it releases. Until that time, we are a social, leve, grinding and crafting linkshell.

We are currently recruiting for players that will be regular faces in the group and will be playing FFXIV on an almost daily basis, but not necessarily hardcore players.
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